About Me

Image of Pete Anderson, Wellbeing practitioner based in Nottingham

At school I was very much into my science, studying Maths, Physics and Chemistry, before studying Chemical Engineering at University, and moving on to become a Computer Programmer.

I first became interested in Taoism (a Chinese philosophy) as a teenager, without an understanding of it’s depths at the time, but simply attracted to the idea of remaining relaxed, and therefore at your best in all circumstances. This led to me starting Tai Chi at University which I continued for about 5 years, and grew into practising meditation and exploring different schools of spiritual thoughts, with a view to understanding my own issues – I suffered from several bouts of depression during my 20s. I now recognise this as a great gift being the trigger for my own self-explorations, which has now lead to me having a career I am passionate about, and allows me to relate to others undergoing difficult life circumstances.

I realised that many people chose to confide in me, often telling me “I can’t trust anyone else to say this to”, and made a choice to explore that further, which led to me beginning my 3 year shiatsu training, which I completed in 2007.

I qualified as a yoga teacher at the start of 2009, and started teaching classes shortly after.
A friend suggested I put together a mindfulness course, and I offered the first one in 2011, and have now developed that further, to include a part 2.

I am fully committed and passionate about helping people to a deeper understanding of themselves, and to engage them in their own health and healing. I am also a great fan of the philosopher Ken Wilbur, and his work to engage with the continuing evolution of individuals and culture.

I am currently writing a book – creating a framework of understanding, and exercises to enable people to experience themselves in a deeper fashion, and am currently invloved with trialling a program for infant schools, teaching yoga, mindfulness and emotional intelligence.