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No one knows you better than you know yourself. No one else can ever experience your body, your thoughts or your emotions, or have lived your story. You are the expert on yourself. Authentic Health starts from this perspective and aims to work with this information to give you the capacity to heal and fix yourself.

We all have different DNA, and therefore different bodies, which we use in different ways and have been subjected to different shocks and traumas. We all have different upbringings and life experiences, which will have uniquely affected us psychologically, which then may further affect our bodies. And you can’t change the past. You can only be where you are, in whatever state you are in, and that is the only place you have to work with. There’s no point saying I should be able to do this, or I shouldn’t act like that, if that’s not the truth of the matter. Authentic Health starts by listening to you, and developing an understanding of where you are at, right now.

In yoga, there is no expectation of how far you can stretch or how good your balance is – we work with the body as it is in any session. Where you could stretch to yesterday, last week, or 10 years ago is irrelevant – what is your body saying right now?

In mindfulness we learn to observe our emotions and our thoughts. We learn to recognise our patterns, and without that understanding, we cannot change them. Many of us shout at ourselves for not having changed a behaviour that doesn’t serve us (and we wouldn’t speak to anyone else the way we speak to ourselves), but until we understand the underlying causes of that behaviour, and actually why we do it, then we are not going to change it. Mindfulness gives us the capacity and the tools to do that for ourselves.

Shiatsu can used to treat a wide range of conditions, and often clients come with a medical diagnosis. The first question I always ask is “What is your experience of that?” Whilst the medical diagnosis is useful information, the details can be very individual, and very important for a Chinese Medicine diagnosis.

Whether shiatsu, yoga or mindfulness we are engaging your body’s own natural healing response and natural desire to be fit and healthy – in the same way that plants can recover from being under-watered and uncared for, to grow into full healthy plants, so our bodies & minds have the capacity and desire to be fit and healthy, and in the right environment, the understanding and ability to get there.