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Photo of a Shiatsu treatment in Nottingham

About Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a Japanese Bodywork therapy founded on Traditional Chinese Medicine, the same system used in acupuncture, but without the needles. In a typical treatment, I will employ a variety of techniques, including rocking, stretching, spinal & joint manipulations, applying pressure to parts of the body and stimulating acupressure points using mythumbs, fingers or elbows.

Traditional Chinese Medicine looks at the chi (natural life-force) of the body, as it flows throughout the organs and meridians (energetic pathways) of the body. This flow can be upset by, for example, the climate, accidents and traumas, emotions and unhealthy lifestyles, leading to blockages in the flow of chi, which can then manifest as pain, lethargy, unhealthy emotions, internal symptoms, or life problems such as feeling stuck.

Restoring this flow allows the body to return to its natural balance, releasing the pain and tension, improving symptoms, your sense of self and the way you deal with life and its situations. As well as changes in their symptoms, clients commonly report feelings of being incredibly relaxed, energised and uplifted by the treatments.

Pete has been recommended to me by my sister Celeste. I had a pain on my left leg that had been with me for at least 3 years. I was amazed at how Pete could work not only on my body but especially by taking me to the root emotions and thoughts that were creating such pain. He dissolved the pain with his hands and helped me bring awereness to what I was causing to myself. I loved the experience so much that I took notes of everything as soon as I got home. For me, Pete is such a fantastic holistic professional who I recommend to every one without hesitation. Thank you Pete, I support and admire your work and will come for a shiatsu session next time I’m in Nottingham.

Yvani Prancic

Photo of a Shiatsu treatment in Nottingham

The Effectiveness of Shiatsu

The following documentary (in two parts)  is based on data from 30,000 Shiatsu treatments in five specialist hospitals in Vienna, Austria, over a period of fifteen years.

Documentary part 1    Documentary part 2

The Effects and Experience of Shiatsu: A Cross-European Study

This study followed up on a cohort of 984 clients receiving shiatsu in three countries (Spain, Germany and the UK). The study sought to look at clients’ long-term experiences and effects of receiving shiatsu as well as finding out about the practitioners and their style of practice.

Key findings:

  • Demonstrate interconnected and consistent evidence of client perceived beneficial effects in the short and longer term. These range from symptom change to lifestyle changes. The effects are maintained in the longer term (six months follow-up)
  • Benefits in terms of general wellbeing, health maintenance, health promotion (uptake of advice and recommendations) and health awareness are notable. This suggests a potential role for shiatsu in public health
  • Findings on a reduction in use of conventional medicine, medication and working days lost due to ill-health are indicative of an added value and potential economic benefit arising from shiatsu treatment

For more information, read the full study

Pete is a natural healer. I often have Shiatsu sessions with him (at least twice a month) and it really helps me to go through all the changes that have been happening in my life. It is not just the body work – Pete goes beyond it, and reaches different levels of our being to help us to find Peace and Wellbeing. I’m a different person since I’ve started the treatments. I love it so much that I introduced him to my husband, and my sister and my brother-in-law who live in London. Now when they come to visit me in Nottingham they try to have a session with Pete. It seems to work for them as well 😉 Thanks Pete, for being a light and sharing your wisdom that understands our humanity! See you soon…

Celeste Prancic

Photo of a Shiatsu treatment in Nottingham

What to Expect

Each session lasts a full hour.

In the first session a full case history is taken, and an update is taken in each subsequent session, which forms the basis for each treatment – each treatment is therefore unique, depending on your physical and emotional wellbeing in that particular session.  As the treatment is hands-on, unlike acupuncture, the treatment is also diagnosis and as I receive constant feedback from you and your body, the treatment evolves to meet your needs in each moment.

As appropriate, the session may also include simple exercises, dietary advice or other lifestyle options.

Depending on your reasons for coming, a number of sessions may be necessary, although some benefits are generally felt immediately after the first session. People with ongoing and irreversible painful conditions may decide to come long term for the pain relief they can get.

Shiatsu can be also used as ongoing maintenance, and general self care, as well as dealing with specific problems. Many people choose to continue with monthly sessions after their initial reasons for coming have been resolved.

Where and When

Daytime, evening & weekend sessions. Please phone or email for availability.

Tiger Boe centre,
7 Clarendon Street,

For full venue details and maps of the area, see the venues page.

How Much Does it Cost?

Prices £50 per session, although concessions are available for those with lower incomes

A block booking of 6 courses costs £250, a saving of £50

I can recommend Pete very highly to anyone seeking shiatsu. He works on a very deep and intuitive level with great sensitivity. I have worked with several shiatsu practitioners over many years and I have experienced that Pete brings something very special to his practice.

Mathew Risdon

I recently had a Shiatsu treatment with Pete at the Mansfield show. Afterwards I felt absolutely amazing. All my stress just dissolved away.

Christine Hucknall

Pete’s shiatsu treatment provided instant relief for my painfully strained neck and shoulder. The next day I felt that I had more energy and could return to normal again. Pete also gave me some helpful dietary advice which I am trying to implement – I would thoroughly recommend this treatment.


Two years after finishing chemotherapy for a recurrence of cancer (Hodgkins Lymphoma) I was still suffering from peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage), constant muscle aches, fatigue and a lack of confidence. Traditional medicine had offered little to relieve any of these symptoms.

I had had one session of Reiki some months before but, otherwise, no experience of alternative therapies. Pete Anderson was warm and reassuring and exceptionally easy to talk to.

I found the gentle touch of Shiatsu very moving and, at times, I became tearful. There was no physical discomfort: just the opposite. A feeling of warmth and sometimes a powerful feeling of movement – like waves of energy – within the body. The tearfulness seems to have been part of an emotional healing in addition to the physical recovery.

After four sessions of Shiatsu therapy my constant aches and pains had almost completely disappeared. With continued therapy, my energy levels began to steadily increase and my sleeping and anxiety also showed very significant improvements. After twelve sessions I felt physically well and energetic for the first time in several years.

I have benefitted immeasurably from Shiatsu therapy and have no hesitation in recommending Pete Anderson as a Shiatsu therapist.

Mary B Hastings, MA

I just want to say thank you Pete for my fantastic treatment!
I had a Shiatsu treatment on Saturday from Pete. I have a disc bulge and long term Sciatica. I have had it for 6 years and will have it for the rest of my life. I have tried lots of different therapies such as Physio therapy, Acupuncture and have also seen a Chiropractor and none of it has seemed to work. I had the Shiatsu treatment from Pete and was amazed that after it I started to feel relief strait away. I also felt very uplifted and calm.
With the rest of the therapies i had tried my symptoms had returned the next day and sometimes even the same day. But 3 days on I’m feeling just as good as I did after the treatment, it’s brilliant!
I will be definitely recommending you Pete and coming back for more treatments, thanks again, Beth.

Bethany Mace

I have had Shiatsu treatments from Pete Anderson in connection with the problems I encountered following brain surgery. These included back pain and loss of energy.

Pete undertook the initial consultation in a sensitive and understanding manner, which made me feel confident that the treatment would address the medical problems I had. Following the first treatment, I immediately had a great deal more energy and this energy lasted for longer periods of time with every treatment. In terms of the back pain, although initially it was just soothed , after a few treatments it almost completely disappeared and the extra energy the treatments had given me helped me to deal with the ( minimal ) residual pain.
I was very impressed

Celia Lacey